The Art By Sylvain Copon   The Artist 2019

With the strokes of, my knife. Layers and, layer of colors glide onto the canvas. My landscapes take far into the valley, sky. Inside colorful dreams, of pigmented interplay. Submerged with abundant of Coquelicots, (poppies) My favorite signature motif: Overflowing energies fulfill my soul. My creations include landscapes, still life, abstract, contemporary paintings, and Sculptures in bronzes made in France. I paint and make Art with passion, to express my duty to immortalize the beauty and happiness. I envision from life !

Welcome to my website which reflects my world and my passion. Easy to navigate it is clear and simple; you’ll be seduced by my artworks, surrounded by the magic and soon you’ll feel the need to be part of my dream.
From painting to sculpture every unique piece shows happiness, real joy, and full love. You’ll find the perfect piece of artwork to fulfill your desire. If you wish a custom made piece let me know I will make it especially for you. All dreams are welcome without limits. I will cooperate with you to the best of my work value. Love my art and be part of the dream. Yours will come true.                          

S y l v a i n   C o p o n

Art... is Worth A Thousand Words

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