‚ÄčThe Art By Sylvain Copon   The Artist 2019


This is the color which has the larger wavelength. It is a color which is described as stimulating, exciting, it speeds up the metabolism. It adapts well to high activity places such as theaters, hotels, lobbies, restaurants, and parts of your personal space. RED is one of my favorite colors and brings life   to a painting.

                       THE COLOR ...

From a practical point of view and from my experience, color enables us to distinguish one object from another, a composition from another and vice versa. It plays through consistency, a very significant and important role in our daily lives.
It is because the color carries a repertoire of meanings and emotions that it is also one of our most important mean of communication and well-being.
The color sense! It can identify, showcase objects, mark territories or a personal space, stimulate and provoke an emotion, symbolize concepts and abstract thoughts, create illusions, and camouflage. For a project of interior design, color is the first criteria of choice, a difficult choice as there are many possibilities ... like every work of art the color will always agree with your interior but especially your way you live. .

 R E D