Blue is the color which has the smallest wavelength. She is described as calming, soothing and slows metabolism . It is ideally used in places where you want promote relaxation like bedrooms , a bathroom , hospitals or banks.

The Green

 Is the new black but the color  green is most relaxing color spectrum . It is a refreshing and calming color, it is used to create a serious and relaxing atmosphere. It is ideal for decorating waiting rooms, hospitals or rooms, or window trims.

Colors interpretation by the Artist



It is a dynamic color that directly attracts our attention. She is cheerful and welcoming . The bright yellow fits well as occasional color with highly active living rooms as schools, nurseries and living rooms .

Orange is a mixture of yellow and red, it reflects the characteristics of both colors. It is a color that attracts attention and is suitable for recreational places with strong social activities like restaurants, sports halls , places of traffic or living

‚ÄčThe Art By Sylvain Copon   The Artist 2019


This is a perfect combination of colors that usually gives a pleasant aesthetic result. How is appreciated harmony is a subjective test and therefore do not meet strict rules. The harmonies can play on brightness variations , saturation, but also a contrast color. Identify the function of a space key to select the color. What is it dedicated ? To relax ? Work ? Eat ? Sleep ? These elements will allow you to choose colors adapted to the desired ambiance ( well-being , concentration, dynamic ... ) and to better serve the function of color lieu.Travailler in public areas mean that it is seen by the largest number taking into account the different types of visual impairment ( color blindness converter Sikkens ) .