The Art By Sylvain Copon   The Artist      2018

Casting the metal.
Bronze casting and cooling “the Burkinabé” traditional method of bronze casting uses various recycled metals (bronze, Tin, copper, zinc) carefully mixed while it is brought to a temperature of 1200°C. At the last seconds of the heating process, the caster adds a handful of charcoal on the top of the Crucible; the mold is then well wedge in the sand. The melted bronze is then poured into the crucible using a ladle

The artwork, once polished, reveals the yellow / red bronze. However most of bronze statues are green, brown. The process of application of a patina (liquid composed of water and several secret ingredients) on the parts of the artwork heated with a blowtorch, gives this oxidized color to the statues.
Art foundries are both ancient and modern; art craft means only their implementation.